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ImageMAKER Discovery Assistant is a feature-rich, robust, scalable and easy to use e-discovery processing solution.

Discovery Assistant is designed specifically for litigation support professionals to capture, search, and process Windows-based electronic documents. Users can quickly search through millions of native documents, scanned documents, emails and their attachments to find relevant information. Processed documents can be exported as native files, or as TIFF or PDF images (including hidden Metadata and text) to one of the leading case management review tools. Export formats include Ringtail, Concordance, Summation, Relativity and others.

Discovery Assistant Features:

  • Keyword search through terabytes of data to find relevant information using DTSearch.
  • Converts terabytes of e-mail, electronic documents, scanned images to TIFF or PDF, while extracting Metadata and Text. Supports de-duplication using MD5Hash.
  • Distributed processing to TIFF with support for OCR.
  • Keeps track of each document, maintains parent child relationships, full audit trail, reporting tools.
  • Export results to leading case management tools including Ringtail, Concordance, Summation, Relativity and others.
  • Informative tabbed interface, with the ability to drill down into the details.
  • Out of the box installation, simple to install, and simple to use software. You will be up and running in 10 minutes.
  • Fully functional free demo download.
  • Customization where needed.
  • Unlimited conversions for US$6,000 with no hidden or per-click charges.

How to use Discovery Assistant to:

Call to request a FREE One-on-One interactive training session, where our trained support staff can show you how our product meets your needs!

New Features
  • deNISTing
  • Email Thread Identification
  • Near-Duplicate Document Detection
  • Language Detection
  • Batch Keyword Search
  • Metadata Search
  • Document Filtering
  • Windows 8 Support (32 and 64 bit)
  • Distributed OCR
  • Smart export of color images to TIFF and PDF
  • Unicode support

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Download Free Demo

Download and install the free demo version of the software. This is a fully functional version of the product. Output image files contain a demo stamp.

If you need help with the installation or operation of the Discovery Assistant, click for PRIORITY assistance.

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